Voice AI assistant for Meetings

Converse and collaborate, track meeting outcomes and capture actionables with the power of voice. Enter your email for our free tier!


Memo makes it a breeze to schedule meetings, invite attendees and  share comments and documents.

Push Notifications

Recieve invites and updates instantly to your phone or desktop via the app.

Calendar Integration

Integration and Sync with Outlook
and Gmail Calendar

File and Document Sharing

Share relevant documents, reports and presentations prior to the meeting.

Email UI

Get meeting notifications and updates, accept/decline invitations and comment via email.


We provide a suite of tools that help attendees make presentations, collaborate and view documents or ideate and brainstorm.

Connect from any device

Native support for your Android mobile device or Windows, Mac and Linux .  Others can join in via our web-client.

Turn any big screen into a Canvas

Convert any tv or projector or display into a Canvas. View presentations and documents.  Control the Canvas with your mobile device.


Attendees can stream from their device to the Canvas and other devices. Supports Windows, Linux, Mac and Android

Whiteboarding & Annotation

Use annotation tools to highlight or mark presenations and documents or to brainstorm ideas.

Remote conferencing

Remote users can attend and participate in the meeting via the internet.


Post-meeting, do you find that  your mission parameters have morphed, deadlines have shifted and the decisions made have  been lost to ether? With Memo, this no longer needs to be the case.

Actionable minutes

Define clear actionable outcomes with clearly assigned tasks and reporting structure and established deadlines.

Email minutes & comments

Minutes, documents and assigned tasks are Auto Generated shared with all the participants via email. Attendees can share comments and updates via email or the app.

Progress Tracking

Task assignees can update the progress of the tasks they have been assigned.

Reminders and alerts

Reminders and alerts regarding looming deadlines or milestones.


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